Corporate Culture

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華夏康元圖 .jpgXqt山西華康藥業股份有限公司

Huaxia(an ancient name of China )Kangyuan (a giorious expectation ),describing historic figures and symbols of Chinese traditional medicine . Xqt山西華康藥業股份有限公司



Huakang’s Culture

Huakang’s Mission:Xqt山西華康藥業股份有限公司

Producing excellent Chinese medicine ,Protecting the health of human being  Xqt山西華康藥業股份有限公司

Huakang’s Vision:Xqt山西華康藥業股份有限公司

Vibrancy, wisdom, harmony, eudemonia, glory, longevity Xqt山西華康藥業股份有限公司

Huakang’s Spirit:Xqt山西華康藥業股份有限公司

Be united, hard-working, truth-seeking and innovating Xqt山西華康藥業股份有限公司

Operation Philosophy:  Xqt山西華康藥業股份有限公司

Putting focus on people, building business on morality, establishing enterprise on honesty, winning trust with quality  Xqt山西華康藥業股份有限公司

Management Philosophy:  Xqt山西華康藥業股份有限公司

Elaboration, specification, strictness, high efficiency Xqt山西華康藥業股份有限公司

Conception on Talents:  Xqt山西華康藥業股份有限公司

Taking length and tolerating weakness of people; respecting discrepancies and appreciate individualities Xqt山西華康藥業股份有限公司

Huakang’s Mechanism:  Xqt山西華康藥業股份有限公司

Democracy, publicity, supervision, constraint Xqt山西華康藥業股份有限公司

Huakang’s Standard:  Xqt山西華康藥業股份有限公司

Unity, harmony, tolerance, integrity Xqt山西華康藥業股份有限公司

Way of behavior:  Xqt山西華康藥業股份有限公司

Carrying forward dedicated spirit, fulfilling the responsibilities Xqt山西華康藥業股份有限公司

Innovation Ideas:  Xqt山西華康藥業股份有限公司

Daring to innovate and explore, encourage success and tolerate failure Xqt山西華康藥業股份有限公司

Development Concept:  Xqt山西華康藥業股份有限公司

Scientific, harmonious, comprehensive, and sustainable development Xqt山西華康藥業股份有限公司

Quality Conviction:  Xqt山西華康藥業股份有限公司

Pursuing subsistence on quality, branding on quality, benefits from quality Xqt山西華康藥業股份有限公司

Serving Concept:  Xqt山西華康藥業股份有限公司

Caring for life, serving attentively Xqt山西華康藥業股份有限公司

Safety Doctrines:  Xqt山西華康藥業股份有限公司

Responsibility is weightier than mountain Tai; safety is overriding all Xqt山西華康藥業股份有限公司

Branding Concept:  Xqt山西華康藥業股份有限公司

Excellent Chinese medicine,Huakang exerts "Instant Effect"Xqt山西華康藥業股份有限公司