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Being established since the September of 1988,Shanxi Huakang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd is a modern Chinese traditional pharmaceutical enterprise, which combined production, marketing as well as R&D all in one .A modernized production base covering 120 thousand square meters was constructed in 2002, the overall floorage of the base is 100 thousand square meters. We have administration center, medical research center, nuclear radiation research center, 7 production workshops and storage areas for supplies. Additionally, a 24 thousand square meters’perfect supporting facilities are provided in the living quarter.  EgC山西華康藥業股份有限公司


現代中藥科技產業園.jpg   EgC山西華康藥業股份有限公司

Our modern Chinese traditional medicine technology industrial garden is an updated version of pharmaceutical production and the key project during “the 13th five-year” period. The overall investment of the garden is 320 million, occupying 150 thousand square meters of the land. There are five new workshops for traditional medical production, four new centers, and three new functional areas, which occupies 10 thousand square meters. These completely automatic, intelligent, and digital workshops are one of the largest production lines of refined pills in China. As one of the Chinese well-known trademarks, our series products named “Instant Effect”, which contains more than 180 varieties of drugs in 10 smaller series of 5 dosage forms, are beloved by customers in China. The marketing net has spread all over 31 provinces. Importantly, our workmanship of DaShanZha Wan(Pills) has been awarded as the “Nonmaterial Cultural Heritage”.  EgC山西華康藥業股份有限公司


Adhering the mission of “Producing excellent Chinese medicine, protecting the health of human being”, Shanxi Huakang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd will contribute diligently to realize a healthier China with innovative wisdom and indomitable willpower, and infuse Huakang culture in the development of Chinese traditional medicine.EgC山西華康藥業股份有限公司

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